Zero11 Craft Beer Bar, feat. Flora Ćwirko, Valencia, 25/02/2023

Zero 11 is a place located in the Cabanyal district of Valencia. It is nice to play in our own neighborhood. The place has a lot of potential, with its large number of murals and a great selection of beers.

The concert was organized jointly with my friend Flora Ćwirko, just before the start of the “Fallas” festival. For this occasion, I decided to paint a woman representing this festival. The painting captured the colorful and vibrant spirit of the festival and was sold and shipped to Poland.

The evening was filled with great music and a relaxed atmosphere, with a diverse crowd of locals and visitors alike. We’re excited to see how this venue will continue to grow and develop as a hub for creativity and community in Cabanyal.

You can listen to Flora’s songs on YouTube:

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