Artistic Duo: Live Music and Painting Performance, feat. Flora Ćwirko

Two Polish, two blondes (not sisters, not a couple) but from the same city. Two artists: one sings and plays the guitar, another plays but with canvas, using brushes instead of the guitar 2 travelling women: one whose back hurts after driving long hours and another who has a driving license for 13 years and has driven a few times in her life but both looking for a van for future travels. I know we don’t seem to speak Spanish but in fact we’ve been living here for almost two years. We’ve met thanks to our artistic friend in common, today we travel together giving concerts & live painting motivated to share our passions with you.

We invite you to follow our journey:

Voice and guitar:


Brushes and canvas:


My Projects

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Spotify cover for Sal y Pimienta
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