First time with art on the street, Plaza de la Virgen, 02/12/2021

Absolutely, it was a truly heartwarming experience. It’s incredible how art can create such a powerful connection between people. That day was a turning point in my artistic journey, and it all began thanks to my friends’ encouragement to showcase our art on the streets of Valencia.

When the couple from the Philippines approached me and showed interest in my painting, I was initially hesitant, as I had never sold my work on the street before. However, as we spoke, I discovered that the man was also a painter and the woman was drawn to my painting because it contained her favorite colors. She also shared with me that the painting reminded her of her father, who had recently passed away.

The moment was incredibly emotional for both of us, and it was a reminder of the power that art has to evoke strong emotions and connect people from different backgrounds. The couple was so kind and filled with positive energy that I will never forget that day.

Overall, it was a significant moment in my artistic journey, and it all started on the streets of Valencia. I hope to continue creating and sharing my art with the world, and who knows, maybe it will travel even further and touch more hearts.

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