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The first digit, 3, indicates the presence of ascended masters, but it also relates to your optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, and competence. According to the angels, you are destined for success. Even a little help from them can radically change your life, especially your financial plan.

In reality, you have minor financial problems, and the angels are aware of this. You need to know that the spiritual being to whom you direct your prayers has heard them and will pay attention. The ascended masters have decided to intervene, freeing you from worries so that you no longer have to work hard to meet your own and your surroundings’ needs. From now on, your life will take a different turn.

Prepare yourself now because a big change awaits your life in the near future. In fact, the number 8 in the number 384 brings vibrations of abundance and wealth. You just need to work, be optimistic, and have patience. Certainly, the competition will be tough from a professional point of view, but with the support of angels, you have nothing to fear.

To achieve your goals, you have hardly worked in the past. Angels and ascended masters know perfectly well what else is missing in your life, so they have decided to help you. If you ever have doubts, worries, or even fears, don’t hesitate to ask the angels for advice. All you have to do is close your eyes and pray.

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