Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


Through the number 253, the angel indicates that important changes will take place or will soon take place in your life at this time. You have manifested the life changes you are leaving through positive affirmations, visualizations and prayers. These changes will bring good opportunities that will suit your true passions, interests and spiritual path. It will bring you answers to your prayers. And your angels will encourage you to embrace them, thanking them for it. It is important to let go of all fears and worries in order to be healed and transformed. Have confidence that the changes you are experiencing are for your own good and that new doors will open that will offer you great opportunities and growth and development at all levels. The solution will be a positive change of place of residence and/or place of work, which will open you to new positive energies and give you the opportunity to creatively express yourself and connect with your own reality. Follow the path of your life, don’t go against it.

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