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Angel number 85 is a message from the angels indicating positive changes in your financial situation. They want you to be grateful and optimistic about these changes, as they will lead to increased cash flow and growth. Your intuition will guide you in making decisions, so listen to it. Your angels are encouraging you to take on new opportunities and challenges with a positive attitude for success. If you have been thinking about starting a spiritual practice or career, now is the best time to do so. You will be given everything you need to succeed, as you already possess the talents and skills required.

The number 85 represents the energies of the numbers 8 and 5. The number 8 symbolizes the universal law of cause and effect, strength, inner wisdom, financial management, and abundance. The number 5 signifies new opportunities, life choices, changes, individualism, progress, and development. So, be prepared for significant changes and opportunities in your life and make choices that will benefit you in the long-term.

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