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Angel number 119 tells you not to lose hope in the darkest of times. It can be very difficult to believe in the plans of the universe when you cannot see your way out of the dark abyss. You will have the potential to take care of yourself when the world leaves you, because the universe is gracious and merciful. The number 119 tells you that when you suffer the most in your life, the angels will meet to give you protection and strength. Have the courage to hold on to your life because the road to success is long, but that doesn’t mean you will give up halfway. Imagining that you will ever feel better and enjoy life, but trust in the plans of the universe that says, that you will have all the happiness and fortune you deserve in life may seem too far-fetched.No one can stop you from recovering from trauma if you are determined to regain your composure and enjoy the joy and abundance you deserve in life . It may take a while to own them, but at the end of your journey you will get what you deserve.💥

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