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The message behind angelic number 118 is a combination of success, victory, and growth. It represents leadership qualities such as assertiveness, self-motivation, intuition, and innovation. The number 11 symbolizes a connection with higher beings and the ability to change perception and knowledge. The number 8 represents wealth and abundance in all areas of life, including health, wealth, love, and knowledge.

Your guardian angels are reminding you of the impact of karma in your life and the importance of being aware of the choices you make. They promise to guide you on your path to finding your soul’s destiny.

This number is also a sign that a certain part of your life may be coming to an end and that you should be ready for changes that will push you to experience new dimensions of life. Your guardian angels want you to be humble and remember your duty to serve humanity and light the way for those seeking light and truth.

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40 cm x 50 cm


pink, blue, yellow, black, orange, red

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