MÚSICA INSPIRA EL ARTE, Valencia, 18/04, 21:00

Come and join us for a unique experience of live music and painting on 18/04 from 20:00 to 22:00 at Espai Llimera! Don’t forget to bring your art materials to participate in a collective art improvisation during our concert! Flora, the composer and lyricist, and Empatia, the painter, although we’re from the same city of Gdansk, Poland, we met in Valencia in 2021 and have been performing together since. During our shows, we share our positive energy with the audience, creating a unique atmosphere full of magic and creativity. Get your tickets online for only 4 euros or for 5 euros at the door! We look forward to seeing you for a night filled with art, music, and fun!

Reservations 📩 Whatsapp 632518755

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